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„Since 1973, The Ocean Race has been the toughest test of a team in sport. Competition is in our DNA. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Nature drives us.
The Southern Ocean is our arena. There, the world’s best sailors – champions, record breakers, pioneers – duel, with everything at stake.
This is an ocean endurance test like no other. A true feat of human ambition. With each edition, the tools evolve – but the racetrack remains as unforgiving as ever.
What began as a round-the-world adventure now stands as one of sport’s great challenges, with sailors pushing limits of possibility in pursuit of the ultimate glory – The Ocean Race trophy.“

- The Ocean Race 2019

The Ocean Race is without a doubt the most spectacular sailing race in the world. It brings together all of the continents and economic regions on the globe into one fascinating competition. Sensational feats of seamanship have defined this remarkable race ever since its first edition in 1973.

Over a span of nine months, the competition covers 75,000 km and connects four oceans, eleven countries and five continents. It is a route of truly breathtaking proportions.
Although the exact route for the 2021/22 edition will be finalized in the coming months, certain details about the course have already been divulged. For instance, the race will yet again begin in Alicante/Spain and the finish line has been preliminarily set for Genoa/Italy. In addition, Aarhus/Denmark, The Hague/Netherlands, Porto Grande/Cabo Verde and Itajaì/Brazil have already been selected as stopover cities. However, it has yet to be determined exactly when and in which order these ports will show up along the route.

During the race, teams of five crew members each sail their yachts for weeks on end. They push the limits of physical capability as the course leads them through both tropical heat and Antarctic frost. In addition to the legs of the race at open sea, each stopover city hosts in-port races, as well as an approximately two-week-long maritime festival to better acquaint fans and visitors with the sport. During the last edition of the race, more than 2.9 million visitors were counted at the ten stopover ports.



Previously known as the “Whitbread Round the World Race” (1973-98), and then the “Volvo Ocean Race” (1998-2018), today’s “The Ocean Race” is heading into its 14th edition in 2021/22.

In contrast to previous editions of the race for which the “Volvo Ocean 65” (One-Design) was the single designated yacht, the upcoming race will be sailed on IMOCA Open 60’s. With the decision to reintroduce a construction class, the upcoming race will shift its emphasis from crew performance to yacht design and technological advancement.

Each crew is composed of five sailors (four men, one woman) and an on-board reporter. The size of the ships and the small number of sailors will make the upcoming competition more physically demanding than ever before.
The sea, on the other hand, never changes. In this sense, the race around the world has always been and will always be a challenge of humans’ physical limits and an intense battle against the elements.

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