Photo material

Terms of use

The photos and videos on this page are the property of Offshore Team Germany or the photographers and photo agencies commissioned by OTG and are subject to limited rights of use. The media material is used for press releases about the Offshore Team Germany and is released free of charge for editorial use. All other forms of publication, including use on social media channels, are only permitted against payment of a fee to be agreed with the respective photographer or with the permission of the image suppliers and image rights holders. In particular, use of the images in direct connection with advertising or with the intention of making a profit is not permitted. Exceptions are to be fixed in writing. The images or footage may not be passed on or charged to third parties! In accordance with §13 UrhG (German Copyright Act), the image user is obliged in all cases to indicate the source of the image (OTG/name of photographer). The author of the work is noted in the corresponding metadata (IPTC). The images are subject to limited editing rights. Permission is granted to change the size of the image (enlargement, reduction, cropping), to convert the colour space and to change the colour, contrast and brightness values. Any other changes require the express permission of the copyright holder. Non-compliance with the terms of use entitles the image authors, image suppliers or image rights owners to demand additional fees in accordance with the (German) MFM recommendations (
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